Vendor Spaces Are Sold Out!

Surprised, overwhelmed, grateful.

That’s how we’re feeling after all vendor spaces at FanQuest 2018 sold out just two weeks after our venue and date announcement, and a full 8 months before the event itself.

The original idea behind announcing the FanQuest 2018 venue and dates, and opening up vendor spaces and tickets for sale on October 20th, was to take advantage of the gathering of fans and artists at the Central Canada Comic Con (C4) the following week. We figured that some people attending C4 would see our announcements on social media and mention it to their friends at the con, and hopefully word of mouth would take over from there.

We announced that tickets & tables would go on same a few days before the 20th, on all our social media channels.

Our thinking was that some artists and vendors would take advantage of our early bird pricing after C4, when they were flush with cash after an awesome weekend of sales.

So you can imagine our surprise when two-thirds of the available spaces (originally 42, just a few less than the previous con) sold before C4 even started. We immediately began receiving messages from artists and vendors who were a part of FanQuest 2017, telling us how much they loved the first con and that they absolutely wanted to be a part of it next year.


We were overwhelmed with requests. Not a bad position to be in, but unfortunately it led to us dropping the ball when it came to getting in touch with those who had inquired about tables before the announcement, and the vendors who had participated in FanQuest 2017, but had missed the announcement on our social media feeds. We were so busy responding to vendors who were buying space, we forgot to email everyone else who might have been interested in doing so. We are very sorry about that.

Even after we added 18 more spaces by renting the dining hall at RRC, we realized on Friday, November 3rd that we could not commit to selling any more tables until we re-assess our floor plan to determine how many more table spaces we could fit comfortably into the venue.

We are so grateful for the support of Winnipeg’s creator community, FanQuest would not be the amazing event it is without you. We are working on fitting more tables spaces in to FanQuest 2018, so if you didn’t get a space, please sign up for our vendor wait list and we will contact you as soon as they become available.

We are beyond excited at the awesome collection of independent writers, authors, illustrators and crafters who will make up the FanQuest 2018 Bazaar. We are working with each vendor individually on how to best meet their needs, and we are looking to get creative with the spaces we have available to us at RRC’s Exchange District Campus.

Thank you to everyone who has booked their space and purchased tickets for FanQuest 2018! We can’t wait to see you all there. Keep following us on all our social media spaces for more news on vendor spaces, guest announcements and everything else we’re planning for FanQuest 2018. We can’t wait to tell you all about it!