The Foam Queen will be at FanQuest 2018

Angela Sealy, a.k.a. the Foam Queen, has been attending Winnipeg cons regularly since 2014. She began celebrating her fandom at fan events by creating & selling pixel art inspired by her favourite Nintendo games, but she fell in love with cosplay and became the X-Men’s Storm for comic con 2015.

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Angela built her first cosplay from scratch in early 2016, and she quickly became adept at the craft. Over the past two years, she has built 13 costumes for herself and two for others. She cosplays at virtually every local con and traveled to the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo last September.

Angela spends most of her free time creating new cosplays, but she also loves reading comics, designing new outfits, and playing video games. Her absolute favourite fandom since childhood has been Super Mario, Pokemon, and other classic Nintendo characters. Over the past 5 years she has been gravitating towards Marvel and D.C. super heroes. Her favourite characters are Aquaman and Captain America.

Angela will be displaying many of her props and accessories created for past cosplays. She will also be debuting a brand new cosplay at FanQuest 2018! Come to FanQuest to meet the Foam Queen and talk to her about cosplay!