FanQuest is happening June 23 & 24, 2018 at the Red River College Exchange District campus – 160 Princess St.

We have a pretty awesome guest lineup coming to FanQuest, and they want to meet you! We have three ways for you to meet & interact with our guests: programming, GuestQuest, and Guest Corner!

Lucasfilm Creative Executive

Pablo Hidalgo was born in Santiago, Chile and raised in Winnipeg. Like many kids of his generation, Pablo fell in love with the original Star Wars films when they were released. His fandom grew even more when he discovered the original Star Wars role-playing game in 1987. He quickly immersed himself in it’s universe, learning everything he could about the franchise in order to provide the best gaming experience for his circle of friends.

After graduating from West Kildonan Collegiate, Pablo went on to Red River College’s Creative Communications program (Class of 1996). It was during this time that he began freelancing for West End Games, penning articles for the role-playing game that he loved so much. He was one of the first online fans to attempt to tackle cataloging and inventorying the Star Wars universe in 1997 with a fan encyclopedia he eventually moved offline.

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In 2000, he switched careers from being a visual-effects concept artist and digital compositor at Frantic Films to a full-time Star Wars authority at Lucasfilm, joining as a content developer for the official Star Wars website. In 2003, he accompanied the Episode III crew as the on-set diarist, reporting daily from Sydney, London and San Rafael during the film’s production and postproduction periods. His close involvement with the making of Episode III netted him a walk-on cameo role in Revenge of the Sith. He would later serve as managing editor of, and then became brand communication manager for Lucasfilm, where he applied his deep knowledge of the company’s brands to advise on creative and business decisions.

Hidalgo has written or co-written several authoritative Star Wars reference books, including The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary, Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary, Star Wars Propaganda, and Star Wars: Year by Year, as well as guide-books to other brands such as Hasbro’s G.I. Joe and Transformers. He frequently serves as stage host at such events as San Diego Comic-Con International and Star Wars Celebration.

He is currently a Creative Executive and part of the Lucasfilm Story Group. He lives in San Francisco.

Pablo is excited to come home to Winnipeg to visit family & friends, to meet fans and to discuss everything Star Wars. We’re even planning to screen A New Hope at FanQuest with Pablo adding his insight and knowledge as live commentary during the film. Get your tickets to FanQuest here!

Actor - Star Trek DS9, Cube

Canadian actress Nicole de Boer is probably best known for playing Ezri Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1998–1999), and for starring in the 1997 Canadian cult horror film Cube. She also starred alongside Anthony Michael Hall for five seasons on The Dead Zone television series.

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Nicole’s television debut was an uncredited role in Freddy the Freeloader’s Christmas Dinner, which starred Red Skelton and Vincent Price. Her first major television work was in the CBC series 9B, followed by a recurring role on The Kids in the Hall as Laura, girlfriend of Bobby Terrance (Bruce McCulloch). She subsequently appeared (as a different character) in their 1996 film Brain Candy.

Nicole continues to work in film and television, including roles on The Outer Limits, Stargate: Atlantis, and the current series Private Eyes with Jason Priestly. She splits her time between L.A. and Toronto while raising her daughter and dog Teddy.


Comedian/Voice Actor

***Kevin McDonald will be appearing at FanQuest on Sunday, June 24th only.***

Kevin McDonald founded The Kids in the Hall with his friend Dave Foley. They met in Toronto at the Second City Training Center, and the two wrote and performed in sketches together more than any other pair in the group. In the troupe’s TV show and stage shows, Kevin portrays several popular recurring characters, such as the King of Empty Promises, Sir Simon Milligan, and Jerry Sizzler. Still, it’s a frequent running gag that McDonald is the least popular member and always struggling not to get kicked out.

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Since The Kids in the Hall’s end in 1994, he’s played many roles in movies such as Agent Pleakley in the Lilo & Stitch franchise, and Harry Potter in Epic Movie. On television, he has appeared on The Martin Short Show, Ellen (as a radio personality), That ’70s Show (as a confused young cleric, Pastor Dave), Seinfeld, Friends, NewsRadio (on which Foley starred), MADtv, Arrested Development, and Corner Gas. McDonald has also done voice work for various animated series, including Invader Zim (in which he did the voice for Almighty Tallest Purple), The Angry Beavers, Catscratch (in which he voiced Waffle), Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Phineas & Ferb, and Clerks: The Animated Series. He also played an imaginary friend named Ivan in the Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends episode Sight For Sore Eyes, and appeared in the music video for “Roses” by OutKast.

In 2006, McDonald hosted a CBC Television special featuring several of Canada’s best-known sketch comedy troupes. “Sketch with Kevin McDonald” won a Canadian Comedy Award (Best Taped Live Performance – The Minnesota Wrecking Crew), with “The Imponderables” nominated for the same award.

He participated in Montréal’s 2007 Just for Laughs Festival with the reunion of The Kids in the Hall, and also with his show “Hammy and the Kids” with Craig Northey, based on his two dysfunctional families, his father (“Hammy”) and The Kids in the Hall.

Source: Wikipedia

Filmmaker & Special Effects Artist

Winnipeg-born Steven Kostanski began working as a prosthetics and special effects makeup artist on local productions such as Capote, The Haunting in Connecticut, and the TV series Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, among others. He moved to Toronto in 2010 where he has continued to create special makeup effects for Hollywood productions such as Hannibal (TV Series), Crimson Peak, Suicide Squad, and last year’s remake of It.

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As a producing partner of the Astron-6 film group, Steven produces, writes and directs independent genre films. His 2010 sci-fi action epic Manborg became a cult hit and was an official selection at film festivals around the world. Last year, his 80s-inspired horror film The Void terrified and thrilled audiences with it’s twisted vision and gory special effects.

Steven is excited to come to FanQuest in June to talk about his career as a special effects makeup artist and independent filmmaker, as well as to screen his films for FanQuest attendees. FanQuest tickets are available here.

Publisher & Comics Historian

Hope Nicholson is the Winnipeg-based owner of publishing house Bedside Press which creates graphic novels and prose fiction including the popular books The Secret Loves of Geek Girls and Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time. She is a comic book historian, writing The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen to tell the story of female characters in comics from the 1930s through to 2010s.

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Hope has also worked to curate collections that spotlight Indigenous creators, such as Moonshot vol. 1 & vol. 2 for AH Comics. In addition, she guided the creation of the Margaret Atwood comic series Angel Catbird for Dark Horse, advising Ms. Atwood on the process of comics creation, pairing her with collaborators Johnnie Christmas and Tamra Bonvillain, forming a deal with Dark Horse Comics, and assisting in marketing and promotion of the finished books.

To help the Winnipeg community access comics as easily as any of those in larger cities, Hope helped create the Prairie Comics Festival and the Winnipeg Geek Girls Social Club.

Nerdcore Rapper

Ambush Vin is a Nerdcore rapper who writes and performs music about his favourite fandoms. Born in humble surroundings, he lived between two worlds: one contained his comics, Star Wars, and other fandoms that are associated with the “nerd-life”; the other his time spent as a homeless young adult absorbing the harsh realities of urban life in Gary, Indiana.

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His debut album SciFiMusic (October 2015) briefly explored this split, but his new mixtape, FandomTape Vol. I (December 2017) shatters the grim stereotypes of inner-city dwellers cast by Hip-Hop cynics. His songs on the groundbreaking mixtape are highlighted by commanding vocals, adaptable lyricism, and standout production, which combine to create a musical experience that is just as enjoyable for a Cosplayer as it is for a fan of Tech Nine.

There aren’t many artists who have traveled the path that circles Ambush Vin. As one of the first Urban Nerdcore artists, he has completed a 360 degree-loop. Transforming from the kid that was raised in a cult-like Apostolic church, who once had a 4.0 grade point average, to a rebellious teen who couldn’t escape trouble.

Vin found himself sneaking out into the streets to view and participate in rap battles. Finding it hard to stay out of trouble, his mother had enough, and Vin found himself homeless at age 17.

Living the true urban experience didn’t stop Vin from pursuing his dream of hip-hop stardom. After completing his climb from the bottom, which included 4 kids, a divorce, and re-marry, he combined his love for Nerd-dom, Sci-Fi, and Hip-Hop into a flavor that he dubbed “Sci-Fi Music”.

Vin enjoyed multiple rave reviews after releasing his Star Wars-themed music video, Darth Prefectus,which was followed by his debut album, SciFiMusic, which also included a comic book and an E-Book. He is currently promoting FandomTape Vol. I, a groundbreaking project that is a mash-up of fandoms and reality narrated by Ambush Vin and his unique brand of urban Hip-Hop.

Ambush Vin will be performing his unique brand of nerdcore hip hop at FanQuest 2018! Come see him perform and talk to him about how he celebrates his fandom!


Angela Sealy, a.k.a. the Foam Queen, has been attending Winnipeg cons regularly since 2014. She began celebrating her fandom at fan events by creating & selling pixel art inspired by her favourite Nintendo games, but she fell in love with cosplay and became the X-Men’s Storm for comic con 2015.

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Angela built her first cosplay from scratch in early 2016, and she quickly became adept at the craft. Over the past two years, she has built 13 costumes for herself and two for others. She cosplays at virtually every local con and traveled to the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo last September.

Angela spends most of her free time creating new cosplays, but she also loves reading comics, designing new outfits, and playing video games. Her absolute favourite fandom since childhood has been Super Mario, Pokemon, and other classic Nintendo characters. Over the past 5 years she has been gravitating towards Marvel and D.C. super heroes. Her favourite characters are Aquaman and Captain America.

Angela will be displaying many of her props and accessories created for past cosplays. She will also be debuting a brand new cosplay at FanQuest 2018! Come to FanQuest to meet the Foam Queen and talk to her about cosplay! Streamer
Shaylyn Gimby (a.k.a. Kyente) has been working in entertainment for almost a decade. Starting out as an actor, he found himself longing for a more permanent spot in the business. In 2014 he discovered the live-streaming website Twitch and was instantly immersed in the world of online broadcasting. His high energy, physical comedy and musical improv skills set him apart from the crowd, gaining him tens of thousands of followers.

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In 2015, Shaylyn quit his job in finance and became a full-time Twitch partner. He also runs Twitch Winnipeg, a community meet-up group attended by hundreds of Manitobans Shaylyn’s work has taken him from coast to coast internationally. He has found success in an increasingly over saturated market and has worked his way up to being an established online broadcaster in North America.
Come to FanQuest June 23 & 24 to meet Kyente and talk to him about his career as an online content creator and Twitch streamer. Get your tickets here!
Replica Prop Builder

English-born Jamie Young has been living in Canada for almost 20 years. Since moving to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Jamie has been growing his hobby of creating replica movie and TV props, becoming something of a name in the world of “budget building.”

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One of his replica Iron Man helmets was featured on national television during an Iron Man 3 TV spot. As well, he’s had two art gallery exhibits and been covered in the media several times, including a two-page spread in the official Star Wars Insider magazine!

Jamie has gained well-deserved attention for his amazing talent of turning simple materials (mainly EVA foam floor tiles and household objects) into some truly outstanding pieces, ranging from an animatronic BB-8, all the way to an over 4ft tall AT-AT (built to scale for the 3.5″ Kenner Star Wars figures.) Jamie will be on hand at FanQuest displaying his pieces, running panels and sharing everything you need to know to make your very own replica props and costumes.

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