Christiana, Conor, Lyndon and Kyle join Dan this week to talk everything from FanQuest sponsorships & programming to Nintendo, D&D and the Lord of the Rings films. Download this episode Check out All Who Wander, a celebration of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, happening March 25th: geekdomhouse.com/all-who-wander/ And pick up your FanQuest […]

“I’ve wasted my life on Skyrim.”

Dan is joined by Kyle, Lyndon & Christiana to discuss what they’ve been doing this week to get ready for FanQuest, including planning out the gaming area and costume contest, preparing for the guests and securing travel sponsors. Then it’s a spoiler-free Logan talk which leads into the announcement of […]

The FanQuest Podcast – Episode 2

Yes, the gang here at team FanQuest have decided to record and post a weekly (we hope) podcast, discussing all aspects of organizing a new fan convention for Winnipeg! In this first episode, Dan is joined by Kyle, Allison, Sarah, Lyndon and Christiana. They talk about why they decided to […]

The FanQuest Podcast – Episode 1