FanQuest is happening June 23 & 24, 2018 at the Red River College Exchange District campus – 160 Princess St.

We are a ragtag group of rebels fighting against the Galactic Empire. We’re a fellowship seeking to destroy the One Ring. We are a Scooby Gang solving mysteries and destroying demons. We are on a Five Year Mission to bring you the greatest convention you’ve ever experienced.

We are Team FanQuest. Nice to meet you! Please ask any of us anything you like!

First and foremost, Lyndon doesn’t like to talk about himself. He likes Winnipeg, comic books, and his dog. Lyndon’s love of fan conventions is anchored in his addiction to helping build communities, beginning with the theatre community and continuing into various fandoms.

Lyndon’s love of comics stemmed from his friendships with local artists, his belief in the tie between comics and real-world events, and the Saturday mornings of his childhood spent watching Batman: The Animated Series.

As a University of Manitoba graduate, with a Bachelor of Arts, Lyndon was able to study the creation and influence of popular culture on the general population. Lyndon was lucky enough to attend San Diego Comic Con in 2015 (and hasn’t shut up about it since!) He hopes to recreate some of that atmosphere in Winnipeg.

Lyndon is attending the University of Calgary, as a student in the faculty of law. When not studying, he’s reading fantasy novels, playing Dark Souls, and desperately trying to keep up with the crushing amount of superhero-inspired television shows.

Dan is a Media Nerd and a Star Wars Nerd, and to prove it he produces two weekly podcasts talking about that stuff. By day, he is a mild-mannered radio, advertising and social media instructor at RRC. By night, he is a husband and father of three children, all of whom love video games, YouTube and movies. (So he’s got that proud poppa thing going on!)

Dan became involved in fan conventions because he wanted to celebrate all the things he loved (sci-fi, comic books, genre film, the Arrowverse, yadda yadda…) with a lot of other people who loved them too. After working for a year on another con, he decided to strike out on his own and put together a fan event that truly celebrates the people who make all this awesomeness happen.

A trained graphic designer and writer, Taryn has ventured into film and photography through her company Abraxas Studios and their community-based division Fire Horse Fan Films. She is so happy that her coverage video of FanQuest from 2017 has helped more people discover this great new convention.

When she’s not cosplaying for fun or for charity, Taryn spends most of her time on Steam killing zeds in Killing Floor 2 and learning all the movie trivia she can. She loves sci-fi and is one of the rare people who likes both Star Wars and Star Trek. Taryn is a devout Aliens fan (well, the first two movies) and loves the dystopian worlds created by author Philip K. Dick.

Taryn lives with her husband, whom she communicates with almost exclusively through movie quotes, and her two fur babies Phoenix and Zooey. She is very excited to be a part of the FanQuest team!

Kyle is on a quest to do it all. His resume is littered with jobs ranging from actor to air traffic controller and even a radio Program Director and morning show host. He’s got two kids that sport names from Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and Ender’s Game.

He’s a Hogwarts grad (Ravenclaws represent) and is most often wondering why his top lane continues to feed despite numerous ganks to help. Seriously, Riven? Who mains Riven? Ugh.

Currently he works part-time with an international relief organization and founded a charitable non-profit called Geekdom House whose mission statement is “to love and serve the nerd and geek community through the arts.”

Christiana is a communications professional who daydreams about being Wolverine in the Millennium Falcon. She studied Creative Communications at RRC and Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications at the U of W. All Christiana’s tattoos are of her fandoms, including Star Wars and Skyrim, because she is too scared to have her own personality so she relies on external sources to identify with. She makes a lot of dark jokes.

Christiana is really bad at writing in the third person. I’m sorry.

She lives with her husband and their pets, Wilford Brimley the bearded dragon, Lieutenant Dan the Snake, and Xeno the cat.

Conor’s first attempt at fan fiction was in grade 5 when he wrote a short story that teleported him into the Star Trek universe aboard Deep Space Nine. The outcome of that story resulted in a marriage to Jadzia Dax (sorry Worf), and command of the USS Defiant. Pretty lofty goals!

When Conor isn’t fantasizing about fighting the Dominion or Caradassians (not Kardashians, look it up!) he’s busy working with various community organizations, youth groups, and political offices in Winnipeg.

This well-known raconteur and bon vivant (his words) enjoys expanding his fleet in Star Trek Online, watching re-runs of Star Trek, and randomly quoting Captain Kirk from Return to Tomorrow. Or, sometimes he’s fully immersed in an intense round of Arkham Horror or Eldritch Horror. No matter what he’s doing, Conor embraces his fandom in as many ways as possible.

The FanQuest Mission:

To create fan events that connect, support and celebrate fandoms through meaningful experiences for attendees, creators, volunteers and special guests.

Our Vision:

To foster an open, accepting and socially progressive fan culture, both in Winnipeg and around the world.

We Value:

Fans. They are our foundation. Their suggestions & contributions to this event must be carefully considered and implemented whenever possible.

Cons. The modern con scene is thriving and FanQuest supports all fan conventions held in Winnipeg and around the world.

Discovery. Finding new books, comics, film, TV shows and games is just as exciting as celebrting the ones you love. We hope all attendees at FanQuest discover something new to love.

Creators. There are so many talented people creating content that we love, in all forms of media. We want you to be able to meet these people and tell them how much they mean to you.